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Hey Everybody, My name is Prabhat. So Today’s, the topic is about my application journey for a college or a university in Canada. So let’s Get Started First of all, let me tell you about my overall profile So I have done my high school at CBSE And later I did my Bachelors in Technology (BTECH) in Computer Science From Indraprastha University Delhi. 

Which is a public state university So my percentage was accumulative was 67% And if you talk about GPA which was 2.7 out of 4 And I had 2 Backlogs So after I completed my bachelor’s So I started working. 

Now I have a total experience of 3 years and my current profile is of R&D in which I make web applications, software  and  android stuff So it’s like a full-stack R&D profile   So let me tell you about countries I planned for my Post Graduation I planned for 3 countries 

First – Canada Second – Ireland which is the Republic of Ireland in Europe Third was the USA So let me tell you why I dropped options in Ireland and USA USA is pretty expensive for masters which is like 30-40 Lakhs (3-4 Million) expenditure 

which was not good for me So I dropped its plan the Second option which I had Ireland though is a very good option for masters but for me there were some difficulties like Masters there is of 1-year duration and I wanted a 2  years program and Getting PR there is a lengthy process 

The third option was obviously Canada So let me tell in which universities I applied So i applied in around 7-8 universities some of which are Concordia University in Montreal Second, University of Windsor Third Lakehead University Fourth St.Francis Xaviers University, Nova Scotia Fifth was Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke

Sixth was the University of Victoria in British Columbia   So these were the universities I applied for. So I applied to these because I was eligible to apply So I applied Now the universities, I got an offer from 

I will be very frank and honest here Since my % is 67 and universities in Canada are a bit biased for Graduation %. So it doesn’t matter you have good experience or SOP   And the Professors/Administration doesn’t have enough time to check the full profile since there are a bunch of applications (in 1000’s) 

So to filter out students, they use grad. % as the biggest priority.   Because of this, I got rejected from many Univ. So I got an offer from 2 universities First – St.Francis Xaviers, Antigonish, Nova Scotia Second was Bishop’s University in  Sherbrooke, Quebec 

Now I dropped both the options First reason Both the places one which is Antigonish in Nova Scotia, is pretty Isolated so I took it as a last option but later on, I realized I want to go to a place that is pretty populated so I dropped, 

plan for St Francis Second option was Bishop’s Univ. But the university is not that renowned so I dropped this option too. So I applied for colleges for PG – Diploma So I targeted 2 main cities One was Vancouver, British Columbia And the other was Toronto, Ontario

So in Vancouver, I applied to 2 colleges One was Langara College for Web & Mobile Applications Development Second was Douglas college for the CIS program the Second city was Toronto   So I applied to 2-3 colleges 1. Lambton College 2. Conestoga, Kitchener     3. Centennial College So these

the 5 colleges and I received an offer letter from all the 5 colleges, So Which college I chose? I Will tell you in the ending Did I apply via a consultant Not really To be very frank I considered them in the beginning but I became a bit dependent on them To be very frank, Some consultants are a bit lazy But it depends on the consultants too But 

the one I got was, very lazy Because of them my application was delayed So I decided to go on my own But still you want to apply via them there are some consultants which I recommend One of them is IDP Education Second is Chopras and Third is AEC Global

At the end of the day, it’s your call And I am not sponsoring anyone since I applied myself, so it doesn’t make sense Now let me tell you which intake I applied for and in which college I am going I am going to January Intake 2021

And I have finalized Langara College, Vancouver   For web and mobile applications development So I have 3 years of experience in the same field And my course is aligned with my current skill set And Vancouver as a city it’s a beautiful place So Langara was the best option for me So I talked to many instructors.

they told me about the college and talked to Alumni too and I was pretty satisfied with their response So this Article was a bit short to present my overall application process I didn’t go into much detail But I will make a detailed Article on specific topics like How to submit GIC and how I am planning my Visa application.

why I chose this specific college Pros / Cons about colleges   And will also explain is Masters Everything or you can make your career out of PG diploma too.

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